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Hitsville UK # 1


Meet has-been record-label boss, Gerry Corden and drug-addled maniac, producer Greg Pastis as they assemble the acts for their new label. Cue an angel voiced grotesque, a mystery solving teen gang, a schoolboy DJ haunted by robots, Nazi-punk-zombies and more.

Hitsville UK is a stained love-letter to the weirder corners of pop music. The best, though possibly the only, musical-pop-art-soap-opera in comic book form.

Each page is a rush of playful artwork, shifting styles fast and loose to match each genre of music, with the jokes coming quick and sharp. Full of sly digs and references to musical genres past and present Hitsville appeals to music obsessives as much as comic fans.

“A bloody great accumulation of inspired madness, musical insanity and general chaos… a pure, unadulterated hit of a comic”
– Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“A perfect three minute chemical-infused rush of a comic”
– Comic Heroes magazine

36 pages, full colour.